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Vacant Home and Property Checks


Helping Hands Property Services provides peace of mind whether you’re away on vacation, you have a vacant investment property or you’re dealing with an estate. Did you know that most insurance companies won’t cover homes or properties that are vacant for more than 24 hours? That’s why you need a professional to thoroughly check your home or property to make sure everything is safe and running smoothly. We recommend checking with your insurance company to clarify the requirements for your policy with respect to leaving your home or property vacant.

Our Services

Home and Property Security

Our home security checks including the following services:

  • Complete walk-through of the house and property
  • Check doors and windows
  • Inspect furnace/heating or air conditioning (seasonal) and water tank
  • Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Check all electrical appliances (we recommend unplugging)
  • Inspect refrigerators and freezers
  • Test all faucets
  • Adjust blinds and rotate lights when necessary
  • Flush and check toilets
  • Check under sinks for leaks
  • Water plants (if less than 15 minutes)
  • Ensure mail, flyers and newspapers are brought in
  • Start any vehicles if requested
  • Provide a detailed report summarizing the visit

Yard Care

Our yard maintenance visits may include the following services:

  • Water gardens, lawn and flowers
  • Snow removal
  • Lawn maintenance
  • Spring cleanup

Pet Services

Our 30 minute pet visits include the following services:

  • Feeding and watering your pet
  • Walking, running, petting, snuggling or whatever your pet needs
  • Litter box, cage, and terrarium cleaning (supplies provided by owner)

How does it work?

First, we gather the necessary information about your home or property (where the breaker box and main shut-off valve are located, pet feeding, walking routine and vet information, etc.) and prepare a comprehensive checklist. Then, simply pay, enjoy your travels or rest assured that we will take care of everything!


How often are the house checks?

We complete the home checks as often as you would like. It’s important for us to know the insurance requirements, so that we can ensure your home is covered while you’re away. And, of course, it will depend on the needs of any pets or plants in the home.


I have an alarm system. Why do I need Helping Hands Property Services to check my home?

Every home insurance policy has a vacancy clause and insurance adjusters pay close attention to those clauses. Should anything happen while you’re away, it is likely that your claim will not be covered.


What happens if there is an emergency?

You will always be our first contact. Helping Hands Property Services has the expertise to handle most of your in-home concerns and we have a tight-knit, trusted insured group of professionals to take care of anything else that comes up. Of course, if you have specific instructions for the care of your pet, plants or home, we will follow your directions and remain in close contact.


What if our travel plans change?

Not a problem. Simply contact us to extend services if needed. If you are returning home early, any of the unused home checks will be credited to your account for next time. The credits never expire, but they are non-transferrable.


Our Pricing


1 - 4 Visits

$ 3800

/ Visit

5 - 9 Visits

$ 3400

/ Visit

10+ Visits

$ 3000

/ Visit



  • Extra charges based on the extent of the request

Snow Removal

  • Click below to request a quote for snow removal

Lawn Maintenance

  • Click below to request a quote for lawn maintenance

Pet Visits

1 - 4 Visits

$ 3600

/ Visit

5 - 9 Visits

$ 4000

/ Visit

10+ Visits

$ 4400

/ Visit

  • $5.00 for each additional pet
  • Additional cleaning charges may apply for large or multiple cages, terrariums, or litter boxes
  • Medication administration incurs additional charges
  • Pet visits outside of Edmonton & Sherwood Park incur additional charges starting at $5.00
  • Extra time can be purchased at $10.00 for each additional 15 minutes

Referral Bonus

If you refer someone to us, their first check is on us. And you earn a free check credited to your account!

Luxury Package

In addition to providing all of the services offered for home checks, the following is added:

  • We provide shuttle service to and from the airport in your own vehicle, so you can choose to drive or opt for us to drive you home and take a break
  • We will do your grocery shopping for you. Just provide us with a list, and your fridge and pantry will be full when you arrive home
  • When you walk in, your home will smell fresh and clean after our professional cleaners have done their thing
  • Linens will be washed and beds freshly made so your first night at home is a warm and comfortable one
  • A special bonus gift will be waiting for you when you arrive home!

Checks outside of Edmonton and Sherwood Park incur additional charges starting at $5.00


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